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New Life, Sort of...

I mean, it's not that new, I've had it for nearly 33 years afterall. What I mean is that my life is pretty different than when I started this blog ages ago. Then I was a Brooklyn hipster, freelancing it up by desgining knitting patterns, caring for children, dancing and finding as many reasons to go out to coffee/brunch as possible. Despite feeling inspired by and in love with the city, I spent a lot of time thinking and wishing for a very different future life with gardens, chickens, children and community. So, I moved. 

Four years later I find myself plugged into the very life I once imagined (but somehow couldn't imagine at the same time) right here in my hometown. It took time to build it of course, and it's still in process... but here it is. The amazing thing to me is how little, if ever, I think about a "future life". That's not to say I don't wish for a real house instead of an apartment, or worry that I still don't have health insurance, I still think about that future. I'm talking about that nagging "what are you going to do next" voice in my head that was constantly judging me and wanting me to do something cool and important and impressive. I don't know, maybe that's a New York thing? Or a Twenty-Something thing? Or a trying-to-belong-to-a-place-that-sort-of-feels-like-home-but-not-really kind of thing? Whatever it was, it's not there anymore. Woo, hoo!

What I do now is multi-layered (and rarely includes folding laundry) and I'm busier than I ever thought I was in Brooklyn. And, I love it.

This is my town. It's called Norway. It's in Maine.  Our Main Street is adorable and I'm proud to be doing business here.

Doing what? Well, I manage and make food at Cafe Nomad. I also have a shop called Fiber & Vine. We sell yarn and wine. Both of these jobs infinitely fulfill my creative urges... they also pose many challenges that inspire my inner entrepreneur. I've always thought of myself better off working alone, but then again, you can accomplish more with a team. I can't begin to explain the ups and downs of this introvert navigating "team work" in general, let alone needing to be the leader of it... but we're getting there. I'm extremely proud of our work and it's ability to bring great food, fun and creativity to my new favorite home. 

I barely have any free time, but I've decided I need to take time to reflect on this work, take photos, post recipes, show projects and take pleasure in it before I just work all the time away!



Finding fun labels...

What I do most of the time...

 So I'm hoping to grab moments to blog more. Even if it means loosing a few rows of knitting, or staying up later paying bills... or blogging.


Fiber & Vine...