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New Office, New Job

Well sort of. It's more like the same "job" I''ve had all along, just more of it!

This month I've decided to take myself a bit more seriously. That is, what I make, sell, design, build, think... etc. The great thing is that I now have a beautiful room to do it in! Finally!! The biggest challenge is to do the administrative, computery things that actually make the dollars. Like, I need to make a new business card, I need to find new stores to carry my work, I need to post more on ETSY, but I also need to think of new things to make!

As a maker or more speciffically, a seller of handmade things, I often get stuck in a rut. It's important to clarify because I find there's no shortage of creativity for home/personal projects, perhaps because they are a wonderful source of procrastination, but it's different thinking about things to sell. I want everything to be special and one of a kind because I feel it's important, yet, I also don't want to slave away on each item so I can sell it for a reasonable price. (Note to buyers of handmade things: please don't haggle! We crafters already WAY undersell and while we'll probably agree, that two or three dollars you save directly translates to one can of beans we then can't afford to buy. It's not like we have 401k or anything here!) While I want each item to be unique, I also want them to be similar enough to fit into my overall aesthetic or brand. And then there are the things that just always sell well not matter what... but I get tired of making them!

I didn't go to business school. I don't know the "rules" for making major dollars (obviously) but I do know this: my best selling days occur when I am actually inspired. When I've had a great week of making and bring to the table, literally, new and never before seen products that excite me. Sometimes I halfheartedly make and think, "Oh, there's totally a girl who would buy this." And maybe she does. But the best is when I finish something and love it so much that I almost don't want to sell it. Then I get the customer who paces by the table three times, has obvious exclamation points at the end of their sentences and look SO giddy tucking their new thing into their bag. The whole day of selling can be just about that.

I have to remind myself, constantly, about this. To stick to my guns and invest in myself. To sit and really think about what I would like and then make it, because that is what people buy. Not that I have some amazing product that the world couldn't live without. Not that I'm some authority on fashion or anything and I think people should listen to me. I just think our minds have certain tendencies for a reason. Crafting and making comes so naturally to me that I forget other people are not as inclined or capable. I don't want to sound proud or braggy, I just think there's a time in your life where you have to claim your expertise and roll with it. I'm tired of being caught in my own personal inner limbo between wanting a much easier, "real" job and what I know to be true of myself... that I can do this.

Bureau before

Bureau After

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Getting organized is a little messy!

Elfa Shelves!!

A whole box just for sticky stuff!

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